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. Global Test Market
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7. Email Inform
8. iPoints
. NOP Surveys

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How does it work? Ireland companies spend millions every year on consumer research, which makes your honest opinions a valuable asset. The Survey Pro website will give you links to companies that are paying for surveys. You may register with as many as you like. On a regular basis, these companies will send you emails with Ireland paid surveys, which you will complete and return. They will pay you in the form of monthly checks or other compensation. It's the perfect job for Ireland-based women who want to stay at home with their children, or anyone who needs extra money they would like to earn from home. By joining this site, you are joining a community of professional survey-takers with information on the best, paid survey sites in the Ireland, links to Ireland survey news, bulletin boards and advice on the business of online paid surveys. We appreciate receiving feedback on your experiences. This information is posted on our bulletin board for the benefit of all professional survey-takers.

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