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Paid Surveys Australia gives you free what others charge for.
All the top paid surveys in Australia, absolutely FREE.
The Survey Pro Australia
The Survey Pro Australia website was set up by professional survey-takers in Australia, for the benefit of other professional survey-takers in Australia. If you're an Australia resident, and you'd like to earn money by taking paid surveys Australia, then welcome to the greatest job on earth! You'll shape future products, work at home, have fun and earn money - all from your home computer. We do NOT charge for our information. In fact, you should never have to pay for access to surveys. This website is completely free. You will never be asked for any money. We give you free what others are charging for. And because we have this Australia-only page, you will not be bothered with offers that are not valid for you.
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How does it work?
How does it work? Australia Companies spend $43 billion every year on consumer research, which makes your honest opinions a valuable asset. The Survey Pro website will give you links to companies that are paying for surveys. You may register with as many as you like. On a regular basis, these companies will send you emails with "paid surveys Australia," which you will complete and return. They will pay you in the form of monthly checks or other compensation. It's the perfect job for Australia-based women who want to stay at home with their children, or anyone who needs extra money they would like to earn from home. By joining this site, you are joining a community of professional survey-takers with information on the best, paid survey sites in Australia, links to Australia survey news, bulletin boards and advice on the business of online surveys. We appreciate receiving feedback on your experiences. This information is posted on our bulletin board for the benefit of all professional survey-takers.
Start Earning Now!
Start Earning Now! So if you'd like to earn money as a professional survey-taker, enter your name and email address here and get started now! Registration is optional, but it is recommended so that you can keep up with all the latest paying surveys.
How to Earn.
How to Earn. It's easy. Click on the survey sites at right and start earning. (For a complete list click on the Paid Surveys link.) The secret to earning maximum money is to register at AS MANY AS POSSIBLE. It may take you several days, or even weeks to sign up at all of them, but that is the number key to success. (See Getting Started with free surveys for more tips). Note: Some of these sites use a point system as opposed to dollars, but keep in mind that points can be redeemed for money. Some sites also $50 gift cards as payment, but when the cards are for Wal-Mart, that's as good as cash, so they are included as well. You should bookmark this site in your FAVORITES menu, so you can keep returning to it as you work since it is unlikely you will be able to register at all of them in a single sitting.
Be a Frequent Visitor.
Be a Frequent Visitor. Work-at-home surveys are a constantly-changing field. Come back to this site at least one per week for the latest information on how to make money as a survey-taker professional.
NEW! AUDIO REPORT FOR ADVANCED SURVEY TAKERS. You've registered with all 25 top surveys, plus the others in our database. Now what? Listen to our free audio report on how to catapult your paid survey business into the stratosphere.
Tip for Success.
Tip for Success. The Free program RoboForm will fill in the forms for you quickly, so you can earn your money fast. It's a simple download, and is absolutely free of spyware. This program is recommended by all the PC magazines and by Paid Surveys Australia.
Not Australian?
Top Free Paid Surveys
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  1. Univox
2. Nielsen Homescan
3. Toluna Opinions
4. MySurvey Panel
5. Your Voice
6. Australia Lifestyle Survey
7. Opinion World
8. Valued Opinions
9. Surveys4Moms
10. PaidSurveys at Home
11. MyOpinions AU
12. Survey Club
13. Global Test Market
14. Rewards Central
15. Great Sites Aussie Survey
16. Panel Station
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